Download Fighting Forces of the Reconquest

v1.1.28, updated 5/31/2016

FFoR Java-based Installer


The Java-based installer will work for all operating systems which FFoR can operate on, but requires that a current version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) be installed.  If you do not currently have a JRE installed and are a Windows user, you can use the Windows installer to help you install one.  Otherwise, see the bottom of this page for a link to the Oracle Java download page.


FFoR Windows Installer


Windows users who do not have a Java Runtime, or are not sure, can use the following installer.  It will verify that you have a current Java Runtime Environment installed, or direct you to a download site if you do not.

FFoR User's Guide


A full user's guide is included with the FFoR download.  If you wish to view the guide directly, it can be downloaded here.


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Download


If you need to install a Java Runtime Environment manually, it can be downloaded from Oracle's home for Java downloads by following this link.